Wales Comi Con 2015

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So full on, even the Dalek needed a time out!

Wales Comicon 2015

On November 29th thousands of people descended on Wrexham for Wales Comic Con 2015.

Like previous years it was held at Glyndwr University and was a chance for fans of comic books, film, tv and cosplay to get together and celebrate their love.

I'd never been to a Comic Con event before, but new of them. I was meant to go last year, but for one reason or another I didn't (I can't remember now).

Who Went?

I actually got the whole DAS team tickets, so there was Keely, Harrison (Keely's son), Ethan, Paul and myself.

It was an opportunity for us all to do something away from work and I wanted us to think about how army surplus items leant itself to Cosplay Costume.


Cloud Strife Cosplay Masubi

It was also the perfect opportunity for me to catch up with Masubii, who I haven't seen in aaaaggggeeees!


That's her on the right, in her Cloud Strife Cosplay at Wales Comic Con 2015. Image credit: Sam Fisher.

Masubi works for the design agency we used to revamp this website (it's awesome I'm sure you'll agree) and it was probably 18 months ago that I saw her in Cardiff, so two birds, one stone!

Cosplay Costume

We started supply cosplayers long before we realised we were supplying cosplayers.

The world of cosplay came onto our radar when dozens and dozens of our Ex-Police Vest were being ordered by girls in the US.

Eventually I reached out to one of the girls and she, awesome cosplayer Kailee Coll, confirmed it was for an Amy Pond Cosplay.

Link to Cosplay Section

Wales Comi Con on Pinterest

Take a look at the photos we took while we were there and let us know if you're in them!

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The Cold Didn't Bother Me Anyway, But It Did Elsa.

Elsa Cosplay

We only had general tickets, which meant we had to queue to get in. Ordinary this wouldn't have been a problem, but it was very cold and wet and windy.

Now, we have enough warm gear to sink a battle ship, so there was no need for me to get cold, but we did have a 4 year old with us and for me this was a concern.

It was also a major problem for the poor girl pictured above, proving that there is no thermal benefit to wearing an Elsa, From Disney's Frozen, dress.


Once we were in, it was time to warm up.

We headed straight for the cafe and ordered a round of hot chocolates and checked out the maps.

The event is spread out over three building and a marquee.

It was heaving. Shoulder to shoulder weaving was required for most of the day. Especially in the sports hall that had the bulk of the signing desks.

Gordon's Alive

Epic realisation the night before was... Sam J Jones was going.

Flash Gordon, a film title lost on the younger members of the team, is a classic!

(In fact I need to watch again, soon)

I couldn't believe he was going to be attending and, believe it or not, attracted the longest autograph queue of the day.

Way longer than all the Games Of Thrones stars!

Sam J Jones

What Did You Think?

Were you at Wales Comic Con 2015?

Comment below and say hi!

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  • Keely: December 10, 2015

    Wales Comic Con 2015 was my first ever Comic Con. Both myself and my child loved it. If it was up to my little one we would of spent all day in the gaming tent :)
    I wish i had taken a couple of hundred £££ as i could of spent a fortune there on goodies for us both. Definitley going next year :)

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