Can you dye a parachute?

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We've got a lot of parachutes and I mean a lot; despite that we still don't have one that means everyone's needs and often get asked if you can dye and army parachute.

Until recently, we weren't sure, it turns out the answer is yes and it can be done simply and quite cheaply.

One of our customers very kindly emailed over these images and pointers.

Can you dye a parachute?

How can you dye a parachute?

  1. Get a parachute
  2. Buy some dye (5 packets for one of our White Army Parachutes)
  3. Take to launderette (unless you have a big drummed washing machine at home)
  4. Wash as per dye instructions
  5. Ta-da one dyed parachute


The dying process worked, but colour distribution was uneven.

Our customers think that doing it in a large vessel with direct heat beneath and stirring it continuously would get better results.

This white parachute was dyed using iDye Poly dyes. Different dyes and a different coloured parachute will yield different results.



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