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I guess, subconsciously, we've always operated inline with our truths. We just didn't realised it!

It was only after I read Work Rules, by Google's very own Laszlo Bock that I felt we needed to vocalise them.

Why do you need to hear about Our Truths?

There are two reasons...

Number 1

We need to grow the team and recruting the right people isn't easy.

I'm not looking for experts with years of experience; you don't even have to have an amazing looking CV (in fact we support local job seekers with improving theirs), but I am looking for people that align with our values.

Number 2

Getting the team to make decisions takes an enormous amount of presure off of me; I'm a big fan of delegating.

However, not everyone has the confidence to make decisions; especially if they're new to a role or addressing a new issue.

The beauty about defining our truths, is that no one can ever make the wrong decision. If it fits in with the core values we hold dear, it's the right choice or to quote one our truths "Doing The Right Thing Is The Right Thing To Do"

So here they are:

Family Comes First

Family Comes First

Solving Problems And Helping People Makes Good Things Happen

Solving Problems and Helping People

Doing The Right Thing Is The Right Thing To Do

Do the right thing!

Speaking Up Changes Things

Speaking up changes things

You Can Make Money By Doing Good

You can make money by doing good

You Can Have Fun At Work

You can have fun at work

Mistakes Can Be Good

Mistakes can be good

Today Can Be A Good Day

Today can be a good day

What Do You Think?

So that's us or at least what I measure our success on and the barometer our team should use to make.

PLease let me know what you think of our truths by commenting below.

Which one is your favourite, do our actions echo our truths, should we add anything else?

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  • Simone Axten: August 14, 2017

    I love your mistakes quote, It is a favourite because I truly believe we learn by our mistakes. Also family always come first, my children are my world.

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