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Work Experience Welcomes Pupils Into The World Of Work

Denbigh Army Surplus Denbigh High School Work Experience World of Work

Over 100 students from Denbigh High School, North Wales, have just taken their first steps into the real world.

Work experience is an extremely valuable insight into what life is like post-education. According to The Graduate Market as of 2014,Employers expect 37% of vacancies to be filled by those who have taken work experience with them”.

Between the 6th and the 10th of July across the region this past week, local businesses have been showing the current generation of young adults what being in a workplace environment really means.

One such business is the Denbigh Army Surplus, run by family Mick, Jan and Rich Brady for almost 28 years, who also run the recently founded Recruit Packs, an idea formed from Rich Brady that supplies the necessary equipment to those about to enter Phase 1 of their military careers at an affordable cost, without the need to spend more money on equipment than is absolutely necessary.

This week, they have taken on the son of their only three time D.A.S. Resilience challenge winner, Ethan, to show him what a week in the life of working in D.A.S. is like. When asked about his experience, Ethan had this to say;

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Denbigh Army Surplus. Mick, Rich and the others who work here have been showing me the ropes all week and have changed my views on what I had always assumed work was like. Instead of sitting at a desk replying to someone’s emails all day contributing nothing, here I was constantly on my feet, doing tasks that I felt meant something”

Ethan continues and speaks about what it was like working a proper 9 to 5 job for a week.

"It’s like school, but ends at 5 instead of twenty five past three. What I mean by this is you wake up at seven, out the house by half eight and working at nine. The extra two hours after three just feel like after school activities… I encourage everyone to try work experience. It’s fun, insightful and not at all daunting. Plus there’s no homework, so that’s a plus”

The owner of Denbigh Army Surplus, Mick Brady, put forward his views on work experience;

Work experience I believe is very beneficial to make contact with many possible employers when people reach the working age. Both parties gain a lot. The business a fresh outlook and youthful vigour while the student gains some insight into what is expected of them… We have enjoyed Ethan’s company and would look forward to future liaisons”

It’s not just Ethan who took part however. Those in his year also had these things to say;

I really enjoyed my work experience. I think that it is a great starting point for when searching for work after I finish school”.

It was good fun”

I learned a lot while working… mostly the logistics that happen behind the scenes”.

When the current year 9’s begin their work experience, my advice is to find a place as soon as possible. I was really lucky to get a place via school that I actually enjoyed”.

I didn't get to go to the place I wanted to, but enjoyed my other option just as much”.

Denbigh High Schools own head teacher, Simeon Molloy, also shared his views on work experience;

I believe that work experience is a very valuable contribution to a child’s learning… it puts work into a wider context that helps expand on the child’s knowledge”.

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