About Us

So you want to know more about us hey?

Denbigh Army Surplus was first started in 1988 by my parents, Mick and Jan Brady.

The MOD held monthly auctions that Dad would attend and purchase itchy shirts and woolen jumpers.

They slept in the spare room of our house, so that Mum could repair the stock in the main bedroom, while Dad sold the rejuvenated shirts and jumpers on building sites and it Sunday markets.

They quickly outgrew the bedroom and rented an industrial unit in Denbigh.

As they spent most of the week there, repairing and grading stock, they decided to open open to the public as a retail shop.

It was a successful few years and were able to buy a larger unit, with more outside space further up the estate.

That was over 20 years ago and is where we still operate from today.

I had never planned to work with Dad, but when I came back from 18 months travelling, I needed money and they gave me a job to help clear my debt.

I was only supposed to build the ecommerce  website, 3 - 6 months max, but 10 years later they appointed me Managing Director.

As well as the traditional army surplus shop, we developed and brought to market another brand.

Recruit Packs supplies military recruits with items they need for Phase 1 training.

Since launching in Sept 2013, we supplied over 1600 recruits and are currently developing a new range of packs that cater for cadets and military preparation colleges.

Initially, Recruit Packs was set up as a separate company. This allowed us to build systems and adopt best practices based on our experience in the retail industry, without resistance from 27 years of inherited DAS Ltd culture.

Now is the time to transfer the systems and procedures from Recruit Packs into the more established DAS Ltd.

To draw out 28 years of knowledge and experience from my parents’ minds and out into those systems that will make it easier to grow our team.