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Den Kit

£25.00 (Excl VAT £20.83)


Product Details

A perfect gift or an excuse for you to go an play outside. It doesn't matter this Den Kit is perfect.

This kit comes with a large tarp, loads of cord, pegs and a rucksack to carry it all in.

Army Parachute

The tarp is a parachute panel, cut from a HUGE army parachute was used to drop land rovers out of planes

It's strong, tough and resilient enough for the most energetic child!

Do You Have A Broom Handle?

While we were developing this kit, Rich took one home and had a play in the garden is his daughter. What do you think?



Den Kit

  • Shower proof tarp
    • 9ft x 13.ft
  • 3 x Para cord
    • Approx. length = 20ft each
  • 10 x Pegs
  • Camo rucksack


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