• Ground Anchor System
  • Ground Anchor System
  • Ground Anchor System
  • Ground Anchor System
Ground Anchor System

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Ground Anchor System

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Product Details

Ground Anchor System with two end attachments for secure winching and lifting.  Perfect for anyone who takes there off road driving seriously.

This cast Ground Anchor System has 8 holes along it's length that receive ground anchor stakes to secure this item to the ground.
You will then be able to attach d-shackles and/or Lifting Hooks to the anchor for a solid anchor point.

We've sold these to Landrover owners, climbing clubs and tree surgeons. Anyone who needs a secure anchor in remote and difficult to reach locations.  Once the stakes are driven in, this Ground Anchor System isn't going anywhere...

Ground Anchor System Description:

  • Ground Anchor Base:
    • 2 x end anchor points
      • 60 mm Diameter
      • 45mm Wide
    • 1 x horizontally aligned hole 25mm diameter
    • 1 x vertically aligned hole 25mm diameter
    • 8 x diagonal stake holes
  • 8 x Forged ground anchor stakes
    • Sharp leading edge
    • 950 mm long
    • 30 mm diameter anchor point 35mm from top
  • Condition
    • Excellent used Condition
    • Little evidence of use
    • Some signs of long term storage
    • May be some superficial rust and/or scratches

Ground Anchor System and Method Of Installation

  • Place base in required location
  • Drive Ground Anchor Stakes through holes at alternating angles
  • Attach winch
  • HEAVE!

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