• Wool Blanket
Wool Blanket

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Wool Blanket

£40.00 (Excl VAT £33.33)


Product Details

Beautiful lambs wool blanket...

This Wool Blanket is extremely soft to touch and has been manufactured to a very high standard.

It's original use was in the glass industry. The blanket was place in between sheets of glass to protect them during storage.

These Wool Blanket have are popular rein-actors. The wool is a very good likeness to traditional garb and we've been told it takes a dye really well.

Rich took one to use as a fire retardant carpet; sitting his wood burner on it inside his bell tent.

Our bushcraft customers use them as under blankets too!

Wool Blanket

  • 100% wool
  • Natural colour
  • Circular
  • Overlocked circumference
  • Brand new
    • Size Approx.
      • 2.2m Diameter
      • 3.7m2 Area

    • No.1 In UK

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